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About us

Professional, trained and understanding employees of our funeral home will take care of organizing the funeral, allowing you to properly say goodbye to the departed. Our specialists provide consultations at home and will help you answer important questions in a difficult moment. We provide a full range of ritual services. We have our own patho-anatomical department (morgue), transport, we produce a wide range of ritual products. We carry out the burial according to the denomination of the deceased. The full range of services and useful information can be found in the "Services" section and can be adjusted to your wishes and possibilities.

The company was founded in 1994.

We offer funeral services in Jūrmala and throughout Latvia, as well as in European Union countries. We also transport the deceased to and from abroad, we cooperate with insurers. Our funeral home offers a wide range of services, starting from autopsy to settlement of funeral benefits.

Processes up to burial/cremation:

Complex preparation of documents:

  • Medical certificate on the cause of death;

  • Death certificate;

  • Certificate for receipt of funeral allowance.

Mortuary services:

  • Body storage;

  • Dressing, facial cleaning, make-up, embalming;

  • Determining the cause of death (autopsy).

  • Department of Pathology (code 1300-00083)

Consulting in the selection of funeral accessories:

  • Coffins, crosses, textiles;

  • Purchase of complete clothing;

  • Wreaths of live flowers;

  • funeral ribbons (standardized/by individual order).

24-hour mortuary and transport services.

  • Removing the body from homes, hospitals to the morgue,

  • delivery of the body to the burial ground.

  • Removal of the body from the territory of Latvia to foreign countries

  • as well as from foreign countries to Latvia.

funeral services

"Death is like life, only without physical existence."
"Death is the high point of life where everything becomes clear."
(Sri Aurobindo) and (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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