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Hearse service

A hearse is a specialized vehicle designed to transport dead people.

Mortuary and transport services around the clock

  • Removing the body from homes, hospitals to the morgue,

  • delivery of the body to the burial ground.

  • Removal of the body from the territory of Latvia to foreign countries

  • as well as from foreign countries to Latvia.

Burial / cremation

Farewell hall and urns

  • Organization of burial/cremation;

  • Conducting funeral ceremonies of various denominations;

  • Funeral musical accompaniment;

  • Farewell ceremony coordinator

  • Photographer services;

  • Farewell hall rental for funeral ceremony;

  • Pallbearers during burial/cremation;

  • Moving the body to another city;

  • grave digging services;

  • Reburial.

  • Cremation

  • Ash capsule with fireclay disc and data engraving

  • Preparation of cremation documents

Funeral wreaths

A funeral wreath is a floral composition in the form of a circle or semicircle, intended to commemorate and honor the deceased during the funeral ceremony.

Funeral wreaths are usually placed next to the casket or urn with the ashes of the deceased in the farewell hall or burial place. They serve as a sign of remembrance and respect for the deceased.

Funeral wreaths are made of various flowers - roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, etc., often also supplemented with decorative plants and ribbons. Wreath sizes and choice of flowers may depend on tradition and age of the deceased.

Funeral wreaths are usually ordered and donated by relatives, friends, colleagues or organizations in which the deceased worked. A dedication text is written on the ribbon of the wreath.

After the funeral ceremony, wreaths are usually left at the grave or cremated with the urn so that flowers can be placed on the grave later. Funeral wreaths are a traditional practice of honoring the deceased in many cultures.

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Banquet hall

A banquet hall for a funeral feast is a special room or building used for holding a feast or funeral feast after the funeral ceremony.
A funeral feast is a traditional event in many cultures following the removal and burial of the deceased. It brings together close relatives, friends and acquaintances of the deceased to remember the deceased, share memories and provide emotional support to each other in times of grief.
Banquet venue offers.

Searching for relatives of the deceased

This procedure is usually performed in the following cases:

  • If the deceased person has no known loved ones or relatives.

  • If relatives live in another city or country and there was no contact with the deceased.

  • If the relatives did not know about the location or place of residence of the deceased.

  • If the deceased is an unknown person without identification documents.

Different techniques are used:

  • Search in personal documents, belongings, contact lists.

  • Database check - population registers, archives of social services, etc.

  • Placement of advertisements in media, social networks.

  • Conducting DNA tests to identify kinship.


The main objectives of an autopsy are:

  • To find out the cause of death - illness, injury, poisoning, etc.

  • Confirm or exclude the presence of a certain disease.

  • Check the effectiveness of the treatment and possible errors.

  • Determine time and circumstances of death (in case of violent death).

  • An autopsy is performed by a pathologist or a forensic medical expert

  • Department of Pathology (code 1300-00083)

  • Mortuary services

Creation of monuments/ beautification of graves

The establishment and maintenance of memorials in cemeteries is important to ensure respect for the dead and a place for relatives to visit the graves. Tombstones are made of different materials - granite, marble, concrete, metal. Their sizes and designs can be very different - from simple to sophisticated.

We offer

  • Improvement of a new cemetery

  • Improvement or beautification of an existing cemetery

  • Tombstones, gravestones, grave borders, cases, gravestones, memorial plaques, grave benches, metal fences, crosses, stone urns, vases for flowers.

  • Installation

  • Engraving / portrait creation

  • Reconstruction / Restoration

  • Greening